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Quiz questions and answers 2018

Our categories host a number of different quizzes. You can find a specific quiz within a category, or generic quiz rounds as you would find in a traditional pub quiz (bar quiz).

These fun quizzes are here for everyone to take advantage of. Please note that the quiz questions and answers are on separate posts. This is done so that even the quiz master can partake in the quiz!

We are always adding brand new quizzes to the site and with separate categories per quiz round, you can create your very own quiz using our questions! If you want a quiz ready to go, with multiple rounds and an answer sheet, we have that too. Check out our Great Big Pub Quiz Questions and Answers to find a ready-to-go 4 round quiz.


Food and Drink Quiz

Food and Drink questions are great! Who doesn’t like food and drink? And the great thing about them is that from kids to pensioners, everyone knows something about food and drink. These food and drink questions and answers can provide the perfect quiz round for the family or pub quiz goers looking for some different questions.


General Knowledge Quiz

Take a swing at some of our general knowledge questions for the ultimate test of all-round knowledge. These quizzes are designed with hard questions and easy questions so everyone should hear a question fit to their knowledge at some point. The general knowledge quiz questions and answers 2018 are very varied and each quiz differs massively to the next! Give a few a go to get yourself in the swing of quizzing! The 2018 general knowledge quizzes are perfect for getting the family together, or hosting your own pub quiz.


Movie Quiz

Movie quiz questions and answers 2018. These movie quizzes are perfect for the dodge-ball’s ‘average Joe.’ However, there is sure to be a few tricky questions even the biggest movie buff’s will struggle with. Test your movie knowledge with movie quiz questions and answers. The questions in these Movie quizzes will vary a lot; year of release, directors, actors, budgets and much more.


Music Quiz

Who doesn’t love a good music quiz!? Our music quiz questions and answers 2018 will provide some great music trivia to your night. A perfect round to add to your very own pub quiz or general knowledge quiz. Questions will explore the whole music industry and the people in it. For more specific music quizzes we have specific eras and genre questions and answers.


Nature Quiz

Another great round to add to your very own pub quiz or general knowledge quiz. Our Nature round quiz questions and answers 2018 are perfect as a neutral round – Nature rounds tend to go down well as everyone hears and see’s related facts and nature documentaries from time to time. Give this nature quiz a go for some fun down the pub or with the family at home.


Christmas Quiz

The time of year made for family, love and… competition. Friendly of course. Here we have the ultimate Christmas quiz questions to bring the family together and get all your friends in the holidays spirit. Questions will vary between all things winter, holiday and Christmas related. If you want to bring people together, and find out who the holiday quiz master is, this is the one! Get the crown ready…


Quiz Questions and Answers 2018

All of our quizzes questions and answers are researched thoroughly. Please enjoy them with your friends and family – they are great for bringing people together.


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